Document Management
  • Electronic filing and organization will secure client files, employee documents, and important paper records into one centralized location and ensure they are easily accessible to the approved personnel. With added value features such as Workflow, file retention, and auditing, GnexDMS is the document management solution that can help you manage all your document needs.
  Scanning & Versoning
  • GnexDMS Capture is the all-new scanning software that will help you do everything much more and improve your business process by capturing images and data and transforming them into organized, searchable information. It is the best solution for your paperless conversion.
  • Versioning is a process by which documents are checked in or out of the document management system, allowing users to retrieve previous versions and to continue work from a selected point
  Cloud Solution
  • With all of the same features as a document management software, GnexDMS Cloud is a securely hosted solution allowing you to work from anywhere that has a WiFi connection. With a free mobile app for iOS, Android, and Windows, ensure that you always have access to your files on the go. Documents are protected and easily accessible, and no servers or IT staff are needed. Let us do all the work for you.
  File Sharing
  • Share files across your organization with peace of mind. Store and manage any file type in GnexDMS, with built in viewing capabilities for PDF, JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, Xls, Doc, PPT, and much more. Add annotations, mark-ups, and notes to files. With a collaborative Microsoft Office viewer, open and edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Visio files. Multiple users can view files at the same time, along with version control for editing and revisions.
  • With an in depth rules based workflow, customize and manage document flow and business processes for multi-user approval requirements.
              Individual user inboxes,
              Email notifications and reminders
              Index field updates based on approval or rejection,
              Document flow history tracking
  Document Management System